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» All Gurlez Akhtar Songs» Chhad Ke Na Javin (Gurlez Akhtar) » Pasand Apni (Gurlez Akhtar) » Wanga (Gurlez Akhtar) » Kehrhe Rishte Naal (Gurlez Akhtar) » Daakhla (Gurlez Akhtar) » 5911 (Gurlez Akhtar) » Sariyan Classan (Gurlez Akhtar) » Wanga (Gurlez Akhtar) » Meri Jaan (Gurlez Akhtar) » Sang Lagdi (Gurlez Akhtar) » Chambey Diyan Kaliyaan (Gurlez Akhtar) » Kaali Gani (Gurlez Akhtar) » Fitteh Moo (Gurlez Akhtar) » Jawaabh (Gurlez Akhtar) » Ratan Nu (Gurlez Akhtar) » Baag Lachiwala (Gurlez Akhtar) » Mahaul Thik Hai (Gurlez Akhtar) » Nakhattu (Gurlez Akhtar) » Seeti Maar Ke (Gurlez Akhtar) » Saroor (Gurlez Akhtar) » Chhatri (Gurlez Akhtar) » Deora Ladlia (Gurlez Akhtar) » Mahiya (Gurlez Akhtar) » Vaila (Gurlez Akhtar) » Saaliye (Duet) (Gurlez Akhtar) » Tere Jehi Kudhi (Gurlez Akhtar) » Choliyan Da Vad (Gurlez Akhtar) » Fer Milange (Gurlez Akhtar) » Kapah (Gurlez Akhtar) » Fitthe Moo (Gurlez Akhtar)

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